What is the Open Home Gateway Forum?

The OpenHGF is a Forum of ISPs and vendors and Internet development organisations, spearheaded by Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), that aims to improve the rollout of new Internet technologies to home networks by providing stable, quality-assured reference Open Source software to be used in Home Gateways. It attains this goal by cooperating with, and leveraging, existing Open Source initiatives for Home Gateway devices.

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What is the OpenHGF doing?

OpenHGF has identified a list of desired functionality for improving Home Gateway devices. In order to deliver results early on, ISC will use its experience in the fields of DNS and IPv6 to tackle these items first and make them available to the world. Also at the top of the list is the improvement of in-the-field upgrades to devices that will enable rapid deployment of new technologies.

We will be showing work snapshots at several industry meetings, come talk to us. Send us email at info@openhomegateway.org and let’s get together.


Partnering with OpenHGF helps support the development of residential gateway solutions on an open source platform. With OpenHGF, communities will be able to draw upon the power of open source to build stronger connections to both their neighbors and the world at large.

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Why Should I Join OpenHGF?

Open HGF will be leading the evolution of the new Home Router/Home Gateway platforms to accelerate the deployment of new Internet, security and management technologies in SOHO and residential Internet access gateways. The focus is both on ISP facing technologies and user-service features.

How Can I Join OpenHGF?

Open HGF welcomes broad participation from all players in the industry with both engineering and financial contributions. Open HGF’s governance uses a tiered structure providing representation and voice and management capacities to the different players. Please contact us by using the form below or email info@openhomegateway.org for more information or come meet us at the various industry meetings.

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